Commercial Lending – 2014 Year in Review

As 2014 draws to a close, we look back and review the gains and the losses of another year filled with tough challenges for commercial lenders, community-based financial institutions, and their boards.

There were some successes, as most institutions continued to put credit problems and the related losses behind them, and institutions in many markets experienced solid portfolio growth. However, it was a tough year for loan pricing all around, as too much supply chased too little demand, and where simply maintaining prior balance levels at moderately lower rates was still a difficult task for many.

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Commercial Loan Pricing Strategies

When will competitive commercial loan quotes start rising? With most forecasters suggesting that interest rates are poised to start rising soon, Austin Associates conducted a webinar in which attendees submitted current actual loans deals to be evaluated using LoanPricingPRO.

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Compete with Regional Banks for Loans

Can Smaller Banks Really Compete with Regional Giants? Learn how to successfully compete with regional banks for small business relationships with LoanPricingPRO.

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Pricing Highly Volatile CRE Loans

Methodology for assigning either higher capital, higher provision expense, or both, to loans the bank deems to be of higher risk, so that the institution can be more appropriately compensated for that risk.

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Increasing Loan Portfolio Profitability in a Slow Growth Environment

LoanPricingPRO client Michael Scheopner, Chief Risk Officer of Landmark National Bank in Manhattan, Kansas, tells his story of how they turned around a rural, low growth bank in just two years.

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